Sunday, May 12, 2013

What's In A Name?

What's in a name?
UGMMA is an acronym for the full name of our academy, Universal General Mixed Martial Arts. We decided on our name long before we put our plan into action. Our name has a special meaning to Rob and is a tribute to the karate school he was raised in: Universal Pasha Karate (UPK). He credits this school with saving his life during his youth in Camden, NJ. UPK’s meaning is defined below. 

UNIVERSAL – Including or covering all or a whole without limit or exception.
PASHA– General, or a high-ranking official.
KARATE – “Kara” means empty in Japanese and “Te” means hand, so Karate is defined as an empty handed self-defense system. We use what we are blessed us with, our magnificent body, mind, and spirit.

And so, Universal General Mixed Martial Arts was born. A name designed to honor Rob’s lineage and further define ourselves as a school that honors the traditions of Martial Arts while moving forward by providing innovative Mixed Martial Arts instruction.

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