Monday, November 30, 2015

Traditional Martial Arts making an impact in the Sport of Mixed Martial Arts

Since November 12, 1993 Ultimate Fighter (UFC 1), traditional striking arts, karate in particular, has taken a blow in the world of martial arts. In the mixed martial arts community in particular karate is looked at as a joke. However, since the reign of George Rush St Pier, and most recently Uriah Hall, Stephen Thompson, Lyoto Machida, and Conner McGregor it’s has been demonstrated that if used properly karate is very effective in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Yet in the mind of MMA practitioners the ideology in most cases are the only fighting systems that are effective are Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Yes these fighting systems are very effective, but as a 36 year MMA practitioner and now teacher, I say it’s no longer about styles in martial arts. It’s about how good you are at applying the system that you are raised in. There is a difference between a martial artist and a good martial artist. Universal General MMA teaches fundamentally sound techniques deep rooted in traditional martial arts background.
  Love goes out to My teacher and mentor Grand Master Robert Dickerson for 34 yrs. He taught me everything I know about karate and boxing. Shout out to the Universal Pasha Karate school in Camden NJ, see you guys around Christmas time OSU!

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